The Live Entertainment
Booking & Promotion Network.

Hubdit is the only platform for the live entertainment industry where all stakeholders are always on the same page.

Our Vision


Imagine being able to manage your entire business from your smart phone! Picture it - you receive a booking request.. Hubdit knows you're available so all you need to do is hit accept! Hubdit will notify your act (think band, dance troupe etc) members, create and send your invoice, update your calendar, update your social media and update your financials... all between sips of your beer!
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Imagine never having to create another invoice... or check your acts invoices! How much time would that save you? Create and manage your act and venue rosters. See your venue and act calendars and availability side by side. No more endless phone calls and emails with acts. Full financial reporting at glance. Hubdit will save you loads of time... and we all know time is money!
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Hubdit is the system you have been waiting for to drive people back to your venue!! Search for an entertainer (musician, band, DJ, quiz master etc) create an act roster, see your acts availability, send a booking request and that's it! Hubdit updates your calendar, website gig guide, creates your social media posts, updates your financials and puts your gigs in the hudbit live gig guide app - marketing your venue to thousands of music fans.
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We haven't forgotten the people that work behind the scenes to make everything happen on stage. Production crew such as sound and lighting techs can use Hubdit to manage your business, including profile pages to market yourself and get booked for gigs, plus automated invoicing and financial management.
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Media rich profile pages
That showcase your talent.
Hubdit's profile pages allow you to showcase your act:- list your upcoming gigs, videos, audio, song list, testimonials and get booked directly from your profile page!
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Booking Made Easy.
If you’re an entertainer, agent, or even a venue manager who books their own entertainment, you know how time consuming the process can be. The Hubdit booking engine takes the hassle out of booking entertainers for any event! See the venue calendar and act calendar side by side to instantly see availability, send a booking request straight to the act via their smart phone and let Hubdit do the rest!